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Systaining Over 5,000 Businesses
24x7x365 TAC Support, 120+ Countries, 300+ Stocking Locations 

Systain is a trusted technology partner to enterprises of all sizes and across a wide spectrum of industries.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Systain leverages the OSI Global IT track record of customer satisfaction with access to our massive inventory of deeply discounted network hardware and expert technical support team, setting a new standard in IT maintenance.

Research Driven, Customer-Centric

Our customized maintenance programs are designed to better serve your business objectives and neutralize the risks, disruption, and unnecessary costs of OEM maintenance and upgrade policies.

We Are
Always On

Systain has the technical resources, 24x7x365 availability, and next business day or 4-hour no-excuses delivery to replace existing OEM maintenance or support your hybrid support strategy.

Your Infrastructure Optimized

Today’s increasingly complex market requires a superior maintenance solution. OEM contracts encourage unnecessary spending and redundant upgrades. Optimize those costs using third-party maintenance for greater value, and better coverage of pre-owned and post warranty network assets.

Enterprise IT Support

Due to the growing number of third party maintenance offerings, we developed Systain as the alternative to overpriced OEM support and TPM offerings. Systain provides the advantages of hybrid or bimodal approaches to network maintenance, making it a clear choice to technology managers.

Easily Manage Your Support Coverage

Web-based and accessible from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop, the Systain Customer Portal aggregates all of your vendor profiles and product-specific maintenance contracts seamlessly into a centralized, easy-to-navigate resource.

Insight and Innovation


Fanatical About Support 24/7/365

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