Avoid the Planned (and Unnecessary) Obsolescence
of End Of Life Alerts

Trust Systain to Help You Manage Your Network Asset Lifecycle

Cisco’s “End of Life” and “End of Sale” policies cost you money.

We have the expertise and massive inventory to ensure you avoid the needless replacement of OEM products and the risk of incompatibility and operational disruption.

Research by industry analysts finds that the lifecycle of network hardware averages 7 to 10 years, yet most enterprises follow the 3 to 5 year equipment lifetime guidelines of Cisco and other OEMs. If your IT infrastructure requirements haven’t changed significantly, why replace equipment designed to function reliably for much longer?

We have decades of experience helping thousands of enterprises manage their network assets to minimized costs and avoid the risks inherent in arbitrary “End of Life” upgrade policies. A customized Systain support program tailored for your specific needs delivers the following benefits while ensuring you mitigate equipment churn and disruption:

  • Professional and responsive support coverage for your entire IT infrastructure
  • Comprehensive multivendor support across a wide range of server, storage and network assets from virtually all manufacturers
  • Optimize your maintenance budget by reducing Opex and Capex expenditures
  • Systain Support is the proven reliable and lower cost alternative to OEM contracts and equipment pricing
  • Greater flexibility and customized support based on your existing infrastructure and business objectives
  • Higher degree of responsiveness with Level 2/3 engineers and one-call replacement of equipment
  • Available short-notice shipping and on-site technical assistance
  • Reduce rick by avoiding unnecessary equipment upgrades and software updates triggered by OEM End of Life End of Sale/End of Support policies which can destabilize the infrastructure
  • Third-Party Maintenance provides a hybrid or bimodal support capability
  • Upgrading frequently increases risk of downtime & adds to network complexity

Systain/Cisco’s “End of Life” and “End of Sale” Procedures

Systain Your IT Network’s Lifespan

Example Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches Released April 2012


Systain | An OSI Global IT Service

Systain is OSI Global IT’s solution to our customers’ needs. We have created a service built on the feedback and frustrations we have heard from you, our clients, throughout the years. OEMs’ force their customers to upgrade on unrealistic timelines and maintenance programs have too many restrictions and can be very cumbersome just to get support.

Systain offers reliable and affordable hardware replacement and technical support solutions, at a fraction of the cost of OEMs’ maintenance contracts. Systain offers customizable 24x7x365 SLAs with next business day and 4-hour delivery to meet your IT maintenance needs.

Systain was also built and branded as a separate service product in order to be utilized across other IT vendors and Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) to offer this strategy to their customers.
The Science of Support.™

For more information, call 1-866-602-4674 or visit www.systain.io