Customized Maintenace for Your
Network Infrastructure

Systain Creates Whole Portfolio Support Solutions for Our Clients

Get the hardest working team in IT support on your side and watch the other guys sweat.

Superior coverage for your entire IT infrastructure

Multivendor support across a wide range of server, storage and network assets from virtually all manufacturers

Optimize your
maintenance budget

Reduce Opex and Capex spend with our flexible and customized maintenance programs

Save time and get
problems solved fast

With “one call” resolution with our Level 2/3 engineers – no “call escalation” games, ever


Choose over-night shipping or 4-hour part replacement coverage and on-site technical assistance

Reduce risk by avoiding
unnecessary equipment upgrades

Software updates triggered by OEM End of Life/End of Sale/End of Support policies which can destabilize the infrastructure.

“The key to our success in maintenance services is the same as our growth as a vendor of network equipment — we provide great value and give our customers the peace of mind that their assets are in good hands.”

Jordan Quivey – OSI Global IT, Director & Co-Founder

We’re Uniquely Positioned to Support You Better

Just as OEM support is not always as promised, Third-Party Maintenance programs are not created equally. When something goes wrong, there’s no time for finger pointing or multi-stage call escalation. You need answers fast and the problem resolved with the expert help of a technician or replacement equipment.


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