The Systain Customer Portal furnishes you with a detailed inventory of assets, providing serial numbers, part numbers, and contract information across all vendors and support agreements

Systain Customer Portal

Multivendor Service and Maintenance Contract Management

As part of our commitment to simplify the management of multiple vendors and provide an at-a-glance overview of your infrastructure maintenance, we’ve developed the Systain Customer Portal. Web-based and accessible from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop, the Systain Customer Portal aggregates all of your product-specific maintenance contracts seamlessly into a centralized, easy-to-navigate resource. Managing for any product within your infrastructure is now just a click away with our simple, intuitive interface.

Systain Customer Portal Overview

Maintenance Agreement Management:
Searchable and cross-referenced repository of current, past, and available maintenance contracts for your IT assets. Set reminders of sun-setting coverage agreements and flag end of life and last day of support timelines.

Inventory Management:
Line item and part number-level detail of your assets.

Vendor Contract Management:
Store and update frontline technical support, ordering, fulfillment
and shipping personnel contact information for all of your company’s vendors.

End-to-End Infrastructure Overview = Better Operational Insight

Once you’ve established an account with us, we import and integrate your existing portfolio of maintenance agreements into your secure and customized, profile in the Systain Customer Portal. A powerful search capability enables instantaneous filtering and sorting by vendor, part number, component category, etc., resulting in actionable results and report output in MS Excel spreadsheets. Locating assets sold and supported by Systain or any vendor is possible by serial number, purchase date, location, or any number of other factors. Now, submitting Systain tickets, reporting problems, requesting RMAs, tracking down outstanding issues, are just a click away with a simple, intuitive interface.

CustportTicket-1 copy

MyTicket module displays comprehensive ticket submission and management overview.

Backed by Responsive and Expert Systain Support

As a valued Systain customer, we provide you with the same level of assistance for your use of the Systain Customer Portal as your entire IT infrastructure.

  • Technical support by Level 2 or Level 3 Engineers all the time, all year (24x7x365)
  • One-call part replacement policy (say goodbye to time-consuming and frustrating call escalation games)
  • Service Level Agreements tailored to your specific needs, from next day, 4-hour delivery, or 4-hour delivery & on-site engineer
  • Global fulfillment centers with same-day shipping anywhere in the U.S. or EU
  • Expert support for your entire network infrastructure from core to edge, including servers, firewalls, optics, VIOP phones, and much more

To experience the power of having a reliable, single source of information available to you and your team, contact your Systain account manager for an online demonstration.


Systain | An OSI Global IT Service

Systain is OSI Global IT’s solution to our customers’ needs. We have created a service built on the feedback and frustrations we have heard from you, our clients, throughout the years. OEMs’ force their customers to upgrade on unrealistic timelines and maintenance programs have too many restrictions and can be very cumbersome just to get support.

Systain offers reliable and affordable hardware replacement and technical support solutions, at a fraction of the cost of OEMs’ maintenance contracts. Systain offers customizable 24x7x365 SLAs with next business day and 4-hour delivery to meet your IT maintenance needs.

Systain was also built and branded as a separate service product in order to be utilized across other IT vendors and Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) to offer this strategy to their customers.
The Science of Support.™

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