The Systain Difference

Your OEM vendor should benefit you. It’s time to take back your IT freedom.

The OEM Deal

The OEM deal is designed to make the OEM happy,
not the customer.

  • Tech refresh recommended every 3 to 5 years
  • Support coverage for entire infrastructure = waste
  • Interoperability guaranteed only with their other products
  • New products only which carry manufacturer’s desired markup
  • Upgrades force purchases you don’t need
  • Higher costs
  • Greater complexity
  • Risk of downtime from forced upgrades and IOS updates

The Systain Deal

A TPM-hybrid approach is designed to optimize your
budget and network uptime/performance

  • Replacements when needed
  • Coverage for exactly what you want
  • Interoperability guaranteed for all popular equipment
  • Mix new with quality pre-owned products
  • Buy only what you require at up to 90% savings
  • Lower Opex + delay Capex expenditures until needed
  • Less churn, minimal disruption
  • Network strategy based on your business requirements

“With the TPM market now offering comparable or superior service at price points significantly lower than Cisco SMARTnet, enterprises are in a better negotiating position than ever to optimize their network maintenance budget. Systain was built from the ground up to answer that need.

Joey Leonard – OSI Global IT, Director & Co-Founder

We’re Your Technology Advocate

Systain has the right solution for any enterprise configuration.

Technical Support

Level 2 or Level 3 Engineers all the time, all year (24x7x365)

One-Call Part Replacement Policy

Say goodbye to time-consuming and frustrating call escalation tactics

Tailored Service Level Agreements

From next day, 4-hour delivery, or 4-hour delivery & on-site engineer

Global Fulfillment Centers

Over 330 forward stocking locations, “same day” shipping to 160 countries

Support Your Infrastructure

Export support from core to edge, including servers, firewalls, optics, VIOP phones, & more

Customer Portal

Manage multiple vendor contracts, maintenance agreements, equipment and parts inventory

The Science of Support


Systain is optimized to serve enterprises seeking to reduce Opex costs and bridge OEM maintenance gaps. We work with our customers to create a support strategy based on their specific business requirements and supplementing current OEM contracts with end-to-end infrastructure coverage.


Completely independent of allegiance to any OEM, you’ll find Systain brings a refreshing impartiality to the network services industry. We’re here to serve your needs, efficiently and with transparent pricing and objective product recommendations.

Your Goals = Our Goals

Our goals are closely aligned with yours – eliminate wasteful spending, challenge deeply entrenched OEM practices, expose excessive pricing models, and push back against ill-founded upgrade policies which are counter to your interests.

Systain Customer Portal

Multivendor Service and Maintenance Contract Management

As part of our commitment to streamline the sourcing of equipment purchases, ordering of replacement parts, and simplifying infrastructure maintenance, we’ve developed the Systain Customer Portal.

The Systain Customer Portal aggregates all of your vendor profiles and product-specific maintenance contracts seamlessly into a centralized, easy-to-navigate resource. Managing and implementing support coverage for any product within your infrastructure is now just a click away with our simple, intuitive interface.

Systain Customer Portal Overview:

  • Maintenance Agreement Management:

    Searchable and cross-referenced repository of current, past, and available maintenance contracts for your IT assets. Set reminders of sun-setting coverage agreements and flag end of life and last day of support timelines.

  • Inventory Management:

    Line item and part number-level detail of your on-hand parts inventory.

  • Vendor Contract Management:

    Store and update frontline technical support, ordering, fulfillment and shipping personnel contact information for all of your company’s vendors.

End-to-End Infrastructure Overview = Better Operational Insight

Once you’ve established an account with us, we import and integrate your existing portfolio of maintenance agreements into your secure and customized profile in the Systain Customer Portal. A powerful search capability enables instantaneous filtering and sorting by vendor, part number, component category, etc., resulting in actionable results and report output in MS Excel spreadsheets. Locating assets sold and supported by Systain or any vendor is possible by serial number, purchase date, location, or any number of other factors. Now, submitting Systain tickets, reporting problems, requesting RMAs, tracking down outstanding issues, are just a click away with a simple, intuitive interface.

Fanatical About Support 24/7/365

To experience the power of having a reliable, single source of information available to you and your team,
contact your Systain account manager for an online demonstration.